Captive monuments of Fuzuli

Fuzuli one of the biggest settlements was founded in 1827. The region was created in 1930  on the basis of settlement  called Garabulag and was called Garyagin. It embraced the villages in the vicinity of both sides of highway Gozlucay, Kondelenchay, over Araz and Fuzuli-Agdam including Garyagin the center of the region. The name of the region was changed and called Fuzuli on the 400-anniversary of  The prominent poet Muhammed Fuzuli in 1959. The territory of the region is 1386 square kilometres and the population are 105 thousand people. The structure includes a city and 78 Villages. As a result of the attack of armenian armed forces to the territory of the region in 23 August  1993  58 villages including Fuzuli were occupied. Fuzuli is rich of the historical-religious monuments, especially with its tombs. It includes also  Eight-Sheikh Babi James (XIII century) tomb in the village of Babi, Mirali tomb of XIV century in the Law Veyselli villiage, the tomb on the shaped box type tombstone in the medieval cemetery in Ahmadalilar village, Jalil tomb of XIX century. Giyas-ed-Din mosque is located on the rock  at the top of Shah Abbas caravanserai in Gargabazar village. Local people called it  Shah Abbas mosque.


Historical and religious monuments

 Mosque (XVII) - Garghabazar village

 Church (XVIII century) - Gochahmedly village

 Church (XIX century) - Horadiz, Dadali, Kosar, the Pirahmadli, Mardanly villages in the framework of

 Mosque (1889) - Horadiz

 Mosque (twentieth century) - Horadiz

 Church (XIX century) - Top Veyselli village

 Church (XIX century) - Low Dilagarda village

 Sardarli mosque (XIX century) - Gochahmedli village

 Church (XIX century) - Gechekozlu village

 Church (XIX century) - Gochahmedly village

 Church (XVIII century) - Garadaghly village

 Church (XIX century) - Garakhanbeyli village

 Church (XIX century) - Gorgan village

 Haji Akbar mosque (XVII)

 Church (XIX century) - Mr. Pirahmadli village



 Mangalan father`s shrine - the old village

 Mirami shrine - Dilgarada village

 Abraham's tomb (XVIII) - Low Aybasanı village

 Oak establishments - the framework of the village

 Imamzadalar center (XIX century) - Horadiz

 Yale shrine - Pirahmədli village

 Yellow grandfather establishments - Gochahmedly village

 The snake pit - Sadarlı village

 Pirocag center - the village of Ghajar

 James mausoleum of Sheikh Baba - Babi village

 Jalil tomb (nineteenth century) - Garghabazar village

 Mirali mausoleum (XIV century) -  Veyselli village

 Argalı tomb (XIII century) - Veyselli village

 The tomb (XIII century) - Ahmadallar village

 Tomb (XVIII) - Garghabazar village

 The tomb (XIX century) - Seyidahmadli village

 The tomb (XIX century) - Zuzarı Divanalılar village

 Mirmehdi Khazani tomb - Tug village

Syed Ashraf center 

 IBE (Ibn Ibrahim) piri - Sayyid village of Gara


Historical monuments

 Ali Bridge (nineteenth century) - Saradjıg village

 Carter Bridge (nineteenth century) - Gorazlı village

 Sandıgabanzar tombstone (1624-1625-years) - Ahmadallar village

 Shah Abbas caravanserai - Garghabazar village

 Shah Abbas Mosque (1683-1684-years) - Garghabazar village

 twelfth century cemetery - Veyselli village

 stone mausoleum of Father Jacob (1282-1284-years) - Horadiz

 Alex tomb - villages Isıkhlı

 Caravanserai (XVII) - Garghabazar village