Captive monuments of Agdam

After 50 years of the twentieth century, the research work in this area has proved to be an ancient human settlements here. As a result of  investigations carried out in the territory Ucoglantapa have been identified  the ancient people  began to settle in this area in Chalcolithic period. 88% of the region was occupied by the Armenians on 23 July 1993. There are many ancient architectural and art monuments in the region. These are rare examples of historical and architectural monuments reflecting different historical periods here. Dozens of historical settlements of the region  has come to the present from the Neolithic era. This  material and cultural monuments grouped on the base of different distribution and each of them based on the history have been included in. The tomb of Musa Gutlu built in 1314 in Khachinderbend village, XIV century tomb in Kengerli, the mosque built in XIX century in Agdam by Karbalayi Safikhan Garabaghi, Stone sculptures of the human form of prayer in the village of Boyahmedli, the mausoleum of one of the famous saints Syed Lazim Agha are one of our national-spiritual treasures says about the richness of historical-religious monuments of the region.


Historical-religious monuments

Temple (VI century) - Kanagarli village

Temple (VI-VIII century) - Shahbulag village

Temple ( XV century) - Magsudlu village

Mosque (XVI century) - Salahli-Kangarli village

Mosque (XIX century) -Boyehmedli village

Mosque (XVIII century) - Giyasli, Parpavand villages

Mosque (1898 year) - Agdam



The tomb of Moses Gutlu (1314) - Khachinderbend village

Tomb (XIV century) - Kangarli village

Tomb (XVIII century) - Magsudli century

Sheykh Nigar tomb (XVIII century)  - Parpavend village

Tomb (XIX century ) - Agdam

Tomb ( XVIII century) - Parpavand village

Tomb (XIX century) - Garagac settlement

Ugrulla's tomb (nineteenth century) - Garagac settlement

Xanoglu tomb (XIX century) - Agdam

Panah Khan's tomb (nineteenth century) - Agdam

Sacred Hearth holes (wood) - Gasimli village

Sacred Love Fool - Uchoglan village

Ali paw (stone) - Yulbalı village

tomb of Syed Manaf - Tagibayli village

Black Piri establishments - Papravang village

Sanctuary rags - Kengerli village

Agha Syed Lazim mausoleum - Chamanli village

The stone statue - Boyahmedli village

Ali paw sanctuary - Aliagaly village


Historical architectural monuments

Panah Khan's Palace (XVIII) - Agdam

Two sandıgabanzar monument (XVI century) - Agdam

Residential (XVIII) - Shahbulag village

Caravanserai (XVIII) - Shahbulag village

Sign (XVIII) - Shahbulag village

Vault (XV century) - Agdam

Hatem Malik Tower (XII century) - Agdam  

Hatem Malik Tower (XII century) - Agdam