A meeting was held at the State Committee

/ 06.07.2021 / 13:01

July 6, Sayyad Salahli, First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations has held a meeting with Ayoob Kara, President of the Economic Peace Center of Israel and Rachel Avraham, the editor of the Center.

S. Salahli informed the guest on exemplary state-religion model in Azerbaijan, freedom of conscience enshrined in the constitution, inter-religious harmony, cooperative relationships based on mutual respect and trust amongst different religious confessions, as well as the State Committee on Religious Associations, which is acting in the area of regulations of those relations.

Speaking about the history of the settlement of Jews in Azerbaijan, the First Deputy Chairman said that, the state has created necessary conditions for the Jewish community in order to live under mutual understanding and peace in our Republic like other communities.

Sayyad Salahli noted that 970 religious associations have been registered in Azerbaijan so far, 933 of them are Islamic and 37 are non-Islamic, the country is a home to 16 churches and 7 synagogues along with 2,250 mosques. He has added that Mountain, European and Georgian Jewish religious communities and a Jewish school are operating in the country.

Exemplary model of multicultural and coexistence has been formed in Azerbaijan as a result of successful policy led by President Ilham Aliyev which was founded by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, the First Deputy Chairman emphasized.

Noting the exemplary role of Azerbaijan in promoting tolerance and multiculturalism, Ayoob Kara, President of the Economic Peace Center stressed the importance of close friendly relations with Azerbaijan. Ayoob Kara said that the peaceful coexistence of various religions and peoples in Azerbaijan, as well as the high level of attention and care for the Jewish community in Azerbaijan for many centuries have arouse great sympathy.

At the end of the meeting, the guests were presented books published in English about the environment of ethnic and religious tolerance in our country and the Armenian vandalism against our material and cultural heritage with the support of the State Committee, as well as the Moral Values Promotion Fund.

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