Representatives of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom visited the State Committee

/ 24.02.2020 / 17:29

On February 24, Vice Chairs of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, Gayle Manchin, Nadine Maenza, and the Commission's International Legal Specialist, Kirsten Lavery, and Policy Analyst at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Keely Bakken visited the State Committee. The guests were accompanied by the US Embassy's Political Advisor William Solley.

Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations (SCRA) Mubariz Gurbanli informed the guests about the model of state-religious relations and religious situation in Azerbaijan, noting that multicultural values ​​and religious tolerance have become an exemplary norm of our society and these traditions have been developed by Azerbaijan government. He said that as a result of the special attention and care of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the state and religion relations and inter-religious harmony are at their highest level. Representatives of all confessions in Azerbaijan are free to practice their religion. Respecting everyone's beliefs is one of the most important principles of the Azerbaijani people.

Noting that 35 non-Islamic religious communities are registered in the country, the chairman said that despite the fact that Azerbaijan is a secular state, the activities of religious associations are fully supported.

At the same time, the sides exchanged views on the religious situation in the country and responded the Commission's questions regarding religious affairs.

The guests were presented books published by the SCRA in English on the religious tolerance environment and the Armenian vandalism against our material and cultural heritage.

Note that, US Commission on International Religious Freedom is an independent, bipartisan, US federal government monitoring commission for religious freedom worldwide.

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