Meetings were held at the State Committee

/ 10.02.2020 / 17:54

On February 10, Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations (SCRA) Mubariz Gurbanli held meetings with a group of politicians and journalists visiting our country to observe snap parliamentary elections held on February 9 in Azerbaijan.

During the meetings, the guests were informed about the exemplary state-religion relations in our country, freedom of conscience enshrined in the Constitution, interreligious harmony, cooperation based on mutual respect and trust between different religions and confessions, as well as the SCRA.

Chairman of the State Committee said that Azerbaijan is a secular, democratic and legal state and it is reflected in the Constitution. There are 941 religious communities registered in the country, 35 of which are non-Muslim, there are more than 2,250 mosques, 14 churches and 7 synagogues functioning. Historically, about 96 percent of the Azerbaijani population, with its ethnic, religious, tolerant and multicultural values, is composed of Muslims, and 4 percent are Christians, Jews, Baha'is, Christians and other religions. Devout of Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran and Protestant Christians, as well as Christians belonging to historic Albanian Church live in Azerbaijan. Jews are also represented by eight communities in our country.

The participants of the meeting maintained that the snap parliamentary elections in our country were held in a free, democratic and transparent manner in accordance with the current legislation. Expressing admiration for the religious diversity, multicultural and solidarity environment in Azerbaijan, the guests noted that they appreciated the policy pursued by our state in the field of preserving and promotion of tolerant values.

Mubariz Gurbanli responded the guests' questions about the success of exemplary religious policy in our country, means to protect our country from the influence of foreign ideologies and measures to combat religious radicalism.

In conclusion, the guests were presented books published by the State Committee in English and Russian, depicting the religious tolerance environment in our country, the history of religions and the Armenian vandalism committed against our material and cultural heritage.

Note that, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Swedish Nya Tider, France's L'Incorrect, Germany's Contact Magazine, Poland's Polishka, Italy’s II Sole 24, Belgium’s EU Observer, MP of the Polish Parliament Katarzina Ueberhan, the State Duma of Russia Ramin Gasimov and the adviser of leader of the LDPR faction in the State Duma Alexei Bichkov and chief of the NGO “Dialogue for Europe” Eli Hadzhieva.


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