Chairman of the State Committee met with the members of the Jewish delegation of the United States of America

/ 05.02.2020 / 16:15

On February 5, Chairman of the State Committee on the Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan(SCRA) Mubariz Gurbanli met with the members of the Jewish delegation of the United States of America.

Welcoming the guests, the SCRA chairman noted that although Azerbaijan is a secular state, religion is one of the fields which the state has always paid special attention. In Azerbaijan, there is a legal basis for the provision and protection of religious freedom and religious freedom is guaranteed by the state.

Speaking about the deep historical roots of the multicultural and tolerant environment in Azerbaijan, Mr. Mubariz Gurbanli also touched upon the history of Jewish settlements and their communities’ activities in our country. 8 of the state-registered non-Muslim religious organizations are Jewish religious communities, at the same time there are 7 synagogues and a number of Jewish schools in the country.  Religious confessions are always supported by the state's attention. In addition to mosques, churches and synagogues are also renovated and restored by the state, with new ones are being built.  Every year the head of state allocates funds to support the activities of religious confessions.

During the meeting, the guests were informed in detail about the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and Armenia’s policy on looting and destruction of material cultural and religious heritage in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Expressing gratitude for the meeting and comprehensive information, the guests highly underscored that Azerbaijan has always been among the countries where different religions representatives live together in tolerance atmosphere. The members of Jewish delegations noted that the multifaceted policy of Azerbaijan aimed at preserving the traditions of multiculturalism is commendable.

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