Chairman of the State Committee met with representatives of the International Church of the "Word of Life"

/ 20.09.2019 / 14:55

On September 20, Mubariz Gurbanli, Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations met with Christian Okerhelm, Director of the International Church of the “Word of Life” and Karl Gustav Severin, Representative of the "Word of Life" community for CIS countries and International Services.
During the meeting, the SCRA Chairman informed the guests about the exemplary state-religion relations in our country, the tradition of peaceful coexistence, the policy of tolerance and the care and attention given to religious confessions. He said that relations between religious confessions in Azerbaijan are based on mutual respect and cooperation. The essence of the steps taken by President Ilham Aliyev is to promote multicultural values in Azerbaijan and the development of tolerant relations.
Christian Okerhelm, director of the International Church of the Word of Life, who visited our country for the first time 25 years ago, said that despite the difficulties of that time, Azerbaijan has changed much and has achieved successful economic development.
Recalling his meeting with the great leader Heydar Aliyev, the guest highly appreciated the consistent and purposeful steps towards protection and development of multicultural environment in our country. Expressing his gratitude for the free and tolerant environment created for all religious confessions in Azerbaijan, K.Okerhelm said that freedom of religion is at the heart of the example of coexistence demonstrated by Azerbaijan to the world.
Expressing gratitude for the warm welcome, Christian Okerhelm said that the Word of Life is the 25th anniversary of the Christian religious community in Azerbaijan and invited the committee officials to attend the event.
At the end of the exchange of views on a number of issues of mutual interest, the guests were presented books published in English by the SCRA on the religious tolerant environment and the Armenian vandalism against our cultural heritage.

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